4FT Baby Trampoline

It is suitable for the kids' sleep, amusement and jumping.

  • Size: 4 ft
  • Jumper weight: 175 lbs
  • Total height: 108 cm
  • Price: HKD3,880
Jumper weight rating:80kg
Height of mat above ground:0.48m
Height of safety net above mat:0.7m  
Total height:1.08m


It is suitable for the kids’ sleep, amusement and jumping

Benefits as Kids Bed


1. Comfort: With its special bouncy and soft design, the mat can adjust its flexibility to children’s weight, which also meets their body development characteristics;


2. Healthy way to take care of children: with the special fine and firm grid which allows natural air flow, children won’t feel stuffy or stifled. What’s more, its ease in washing stops the possibility of microorganisms breeding;


3. Easy and convenient to take care of toddlers and little babies:
a, The height of the net (35cm if supported by short rods) is suitable for babies below 6 months old as well as providing them an open area to watch and interact with the outside world.
b, The ‘L’ shape zipper (net height 70cm if supported by long rods) gives children (7 months old above) a safe and completely closed net from outside which also prevent children from falling down.

c, The supporting casters with brake allows you to lock it anywhere and anytime, you can also use them as table concentrators.

Benefits as Kids Safety Place


1. There is no danger with the protection of the soft mat and net around the trampoline.


2. It is good for your kids’ respiration with the special fine and firm grid which allows natural air flow.


3. Kids won’t fall down even when they are playing by themselves, which allows adults to have a break.


Now the GT baby trampoline is your best choice if you have ever had the following problems when taking care of kids:
· If you are taking care of kids on your own but something unexpected or urgent happens, the Happy Baby trampoline can help you!
· If you are still new parents and feel stressed out with baby care, the Happy Baby trampoline can help you; it is the safest trampoline ever!
· If you are seniors and don’t have enough energy, the happy baby trampoline can help you; you can let the kids have some fun by themselves!

Benefits as Kids Fun Exercise Trampoline
1. With the protection of the firm mat and net, it can help toddlers learn standing and walking faster and easier as well as conquer the fear of falling.

2. The development of babies’ weight and strength allows them to be able to jump.  Since jumping is children’s nature, it has various benefits: a, Jumping makes people feel happy, which is good for children’s characteristics development; b, Jumping develops coordination, balance and endurance; c, Jumping helps improve the body’s mental and physical development.