Where To See Our Products?

2019-10-16 10:13:55

If you would like to see our trampolines in person, you can see them at the following addresses(They are some of our customers).

Clearwater Bay: 70 Chi Shing Road, 10 Hang Hau Wing Lung Road, 26 Pik Uk Village, 138 Mau Po Village, 118 Tai Hang Hau Village, 53 Tai Hang Hau Village, 22 Hang Hau Wing Lung Road, 313 Sheung Sze Wan, 77 Tai Wan Village, 34 Tai Wan Tau Village, 105 Tai Hang Hau Road, 37A Mau Po, 1 O Pui Village, 16 Tai Wan Tau Road, 19A Tai Wan Village, 223 Tai Hang Hau Road, 251 Shueng Sze Wan, 1 Green Villa, 54 Leung Fai Tin upper Road, 64E Sheung Sze Wan, 153 Siu Hang Hau Village, 23 Hang Hau Wing Lung Road, 30 Tai Au Mun Village, 15 Chan Uk Tsuen, 90 Ha Yeung Road, 10 Fairway Vista, 11 Hang Hau Wing, 295a Sheung Sze Wan, 312 Sheung Sze Wan, 102 Mau Po Villas, 28 O Pui Village, 218 Sheung Sze Wan, 2 Siu Hang Hau Road, A5 Las Pinadas, 10 O Pui Village, 160 Jade Villa,
Chung Hom Kok: 9 Cape Drive, 12 Cape Road,
Discovery Bay: 14A Caperidge Drive, 18 B Siena 2, 64 Headland Drive, 35B Caperidge Drive, 6 La Serene, 84 Headland Drive, 11 La Vista avenue, 14A Caperidge Drive, 44 Coastline Villa, 15H Greenbelt Court, 22B Caperidge Drive, 41A Seabird Lane, 1 Parkvale Drive, 31 A Seahorse Lane, 20A Caperidge Drive, 23A Caperidge Drive, 45 Caperidge Drive, 24 Headland Drive, 38 Caperidge Drive, 8B Seahorse Lane, 43 A Seahorselane, 29A Seahorse Lane, 21A Caperidge Drive, 78 Headland Drive, 59 Crestmont Villas, 6 Caperidge, 98 Seabee Lane, 76 Seabee Lane, 46 Siena One, 43A Seahorse Lane, 9 Headland Drive, 3 Parkland drive, 18 Coastline Villa, 7C Middle Lane, 3 Middle Lane, 8B Caperidge Drive,
Deep Water Bay: 55 Island Road, 63 Deep Water Bay Road,
Repulse Bay: 9 South Bay Road, 49 Beach Road, 12 A South Bay Road, 20 Belleview Drive, 49 Beach Road, 13 Headland Road, 23 Repulse Bay Road, 5 Headland Road, 4 South Bay, 59 South Bay Road, 3 Headland Road, 84 Repule Bay Road,
North Point: 7 Wai Tsui Crescent,
Sai Kung: 84 the Giverny, 42 Sha Kok Mei Village, 12A Po Lo Che Road, 10-11 Tai Tan Village, 10 Berkley Bay Villa, 4 Greenpeak Villa, 15L Hing Keng Shek, 1A Greenpeak Villa, 181 Jade Villa, 44 Tai Mong Tsai New Village, 163 Mau Po Village, 59 Tsam Chuk Wan Village, 102 Ho Chung Road, 377B Kam Tsin, 16 Sha Ha Village, 32B Kap Bin Long, 10 Fung Sau Road, 54 Ko Tong Village, 2A Lower Village, 182 Jade Villa, 2M Tai Mong Tsai, 99 Chuk Yeung Road, 22 Ta Ho Tun Road, 3 Pik Sha Road, 6 Fung Sau Road, 453 Nam Wai Road, 451 Nam Wai Village, 102 Chuk Yeung Road, 17 Che Keng Tuk Road, D57 Marina Cove, 222 Nam Wai Village, 160 Jade Villa, 10 Lung Mei Village, 13C Wong Keng Tei Village, 90 Chuk Yeung Road, 1 Yan Yee Road, 44, Shan Liu Ha Road, 258 Tan Cheung Village, 428B Ho Chung New Village, 28 The Giverny, 10B Hing Keng Shek, A7 Habitat, 
Stanley: 4 Stanley Village Road, 9 Stanley Mound Road, 28 Tai Tam Road, 22 Stanley Village Road, 51 Cedar Drive, 8A Stanley Beach Road, 26 Regalia Bay , C32 Regalia Bay, 7 Stanley Beach Road, 9 Stanley Village Road, B35 Regalia Bay, 8A Stanley Beach Road, B19 Regalia Bay, 66 Stanley Village Road,
South Lantau Island: 28 Cheung Fu Street, E44 Leyburn Villas, 121 Tong Fuk Village, 35 Le Bleu Coastal Skyline, 78A, Ham Tin Kau Tsuen,
Tai Po: 23 Sam Mun Tsai Road, 47B Ha Hang Village, 140A Hong Lok Road East, 6 Ma Po Mei Village, 14 Pak Tin Kong,
Tung Chung: 12 Tung Chung Waterfront Road, 1 Kin Tung Road,
Hunghom: 18 Tak Fung Street,
Wong Chuk Shan:35 Green Peak Villa,
Yuen Long: 123 Tai Tong Tsuen,
Tuen Mun: 216 So Kwun Wat Tsuen, 118b Castle Peak Road, 1 Castle Peak Road,
Fei Ngo Shan: 17 Fei Ha Road, 2 Fei Wan Road,
The Peak: 63 Mount Kellett Road, 20 Mount Austin Road, 2 Barker Road, 8 Plunketts Road, 41 Plantation Road,
Horizon Drive: 3-7 Jade Beach Villa,
Shouson Hill: 49B Shouson Hill Road, 8 Shouson Hill Road East,
Mid-levels: 105 Robinson Road, 15 Magazine Gap Road,
Tai Tam: 18 Tai Tam Road, 178 Cedar Drive, 33 Tai Tam Road, 99 Palm Drive, 97 Palm Drive, 8 Tai Tam Road, 20 Tai Tam Road,
Lamma Island: 87 Tai Peng,
Shek O: 15 Shek O Headland, 25 Shek O Headland Road, 1B Shek O Garden, 19C Shek O Headland, 26 Shek O Headland Road, 465 Shek O Village,
Kowloon: 32E Braga Circuit, 19 Magnolia Road, 17 Sunderland Estate,
Pokfulam: 9 Bisney Villas, 31 Bisney Road, 39 Consort Rise, 3 Bel Air Rise, 192 Victoria Road, 30 Sassoon Road, 5-13 Crown Terrace, 200 Victoria Road,
Mongkok: 45 Kadoorie Ave,
Fotan: 59 Wong Chuk Yeung Village,
Hong Lok Yuen: 115 Tenth Street, 81th Hong Lok Yuen, 4 Tenth Street,
Fanling: 176 Man Uk Pin Village,
Sheung Shui: 33 Kwu Tung Road,
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